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i bought a 66cc gas engine kit on friday today is thursday guess what they havent even shipped it yet. i called them and asked for a refund and to cancel the order they torld me they canceled the order and then when i asked if they refunded my money they said they can not do that WTF!!!!!!

and then when asked her to not cancel my order because that a bunch of *** mother *** hung up on my ***!!!!!!!!!!

this is a great reason NOT to buy from good selection of parts but you dont get them. before i bought this kit i bought the same kit from and they shipped it the same day i orderd it nothing wrong with it just perfict

Monetary Loss: $160.

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yea gas bikes sucks dropped 300 bucks on a new motor its fighting me every which way to install it pet *** broke off cover broken upon opening box up packed by a 3 year old... also all the bolt holes need re tapping bolts are super low grade...

all the holes are off ... everything just sucks i mean its low low low Chinese *** never again..

dont buy any parts there all from china dont .. if you want a bike buy a moped from the usa and within the usa.... and register it etc...

this bike engine *** is just terrible if oyu really want it build your own.. also the bikes now are junk they used to be steel now its cheap steel slapped together


I ordered an alarm at After I placed my order, the order comfirmation told me the alarm will ship from China for 45 days.

I canceled my order, but they hold my money. I am still waiting my refund.


Thay suck.

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